1" Torque Wrench - Warren & Brown Micrometer Screen Torque Wrench - 334851 - 200-1000Nm - 1"

Warren & Brown

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1" Torque Wrench -

Screen Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench

334851 - Warren & Brown Screen Torque Wrench - 200-1000Nm - 1"

Screen torque wrenches have been developed
with the user in mind. The “SCREEN” torque
wrench is very easy to set, with a convex screen
magnifying the scale reading and displaying only
one value at a time, eliminating torque setting
errors. When the setting has been achieved, it is
locked in place so that accidental changes to the
setting is impossible.
Once the desired torque has been reached, the
wrench will automatically reset itself, ready for
further use.
“SCREEN” torque wrenches are graduated
in ‘Nm’ only, however a conversion scale in
corresponding ‘Nm – ft.lbs’ is printed on the
wrench body on wrenches up to 340Nm for quick
and accurate reference, if ‘ft.lbs’ settings are

The 334851 torque wrench has the following specifications:

  • Torque Range metric - 20-1000Nm
  • Square Drive insert - 1"
  • One of the easiest 1" torque wrench to use
  • Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench

Features & Benefits

  • Convex lens enlarges the scale reading
  • Easy positive lockable adjustment
  • Robust ratcheting head
  • Ergonomic comfortable hand grip
  • Operates clockwise only
  • Meets or exceeds Australian standards
  • Accuracy +/- 4%
  • Supplied in a plastic carry case