Warren & Brown - 326500 Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench - 260-1340Nm - 1

Warren & Brown - 326500 Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench - 260-1340Nm - 1"

Warren & Brown

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Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench

326500 : 260-1340Nm/200-1000ft.lbs - 1" drive

The Warren & Brown deflecting beam torque wrench is an icon in

the Australian automotive industry and its unparalleled accuracy

and durability has enabled it to stand the test of time and to still

be regarded as an invaluable tool for any serious mechanic.


The deflecting beam torque wrench works by applying torque to

a deflecting beam rather than a coil spring and since it has no

wearing parts, the unique design ensures accuracy of +/- 2%

throughout the range of the wrench.


The torque setting can be easily selected via a sliding scale,

which displays the torque units in ft.lbs, Nm and kg/cm.

The dual signal feature allows the user to see and also hear

when the selected torque has been reached. When working in a

noisy environment, the operator can see the signal mechanism

release once the selected torque has been reached. Additionally,

the signal release can also be heard and felt.


Features & Benefits

  • Dual Signal (see and hear when the wrench has reached its selected torque)
  • Rigidity - all steel construction
  • Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Repeatability
  • Durability - no wearing parts
  • Meets or exceeds Australian standards
  • Easy to use
  • Certificate of calibration can be provided on request
  • Lifetime warranty on ‘Deflection Bar'


Why are Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches considered one of the best?

Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam torque wrenches have been around for over 50 years and have often been passed down from generation to generation. They are considered one of the most accurate torque wrenches, with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

In addition, due to the torque wrench not having wearing parts, such as a coil spring, the longevity of the wrench is extended by a considerable period of time. The total cost of ownership is also lower, due to fewer repairs and re-calibrations being required.