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Warren & Brown - Multi-purpose Screw Removal Pliers

Warren & Brown

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The PZ series pliers are a range of heavy duty multi-purpose pliers, which

have the added feature of being able to remove stuck or damaged screws.

The screw removal pliers are a patented product that contain vertical and

horizontal serrated teeth, which provide a non-slip gripping mechanism for

removing rusted or damaged screw heads.


6 models to suit any application:


PZ55 - 150mm
PZ56 - 175mm
PZ57 - 120mm
PZ58 - 160mm
PZ59 - 204mm
PZ60 - 190mm



Specially designed for removing:

  • Screws frozen with rust
  • Stripped or damaged screw heads
  • Special, unique or tamper-proof screw heads



  • Ideal for unfastening frozen or small size special screws
  • Slender jaws and pocket-sized body with strap holes
  • ESD-Safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring cushioned grip and oil resistance