How to use a digital torque and angle wrench

How to use a digital torque and angle wrench

Torque-angle torque wrenches are used for torque to yield applications which are specified predominantly for cylinder head bolts but also for main bearing caps and suspension components.

Torque to yield bolts require correct sequence tightening which is essential to eliminate distortion. Applying the correct amount of torque and angle is imperative in ensuring components are adequately and safely installed and maintained.

Torque is a measure of how much force is acting on an object, which then causes that object to rotate. We generally think of a force as a push or a pull, but torque is a twisting or turning force that moves objects such as bolts or flywheels. The International System of Units for torque is Newton meter (N.m), however many still prefer the imperial measurement system and use foot or inch pounds (in.lbs. / ft.lbs.)

Therefore, torque is applied through motion, however, with torque & angle applications, after they desired torque has been applied, an additional angle degree rotation is also applied.

For example, a full turn of a bolt is equal to 360 degrees. Therefore, once a torque setting has been reached and an extra angle application of 90 degrees is specified, a bolt would require an extra 1/4 turn.

A Digital Torque Angle wrench works in a similar way to a standard Electronic Torque wrench with the additional feature of also applying angle rotation to a nut or bolt, if required. The information is displayed on a digital readout screen. Using the digital readout screen and selector buttons, the user is able to set the desired torque and/or angle limits. The user then applies the required torque value and any additional angle rotation. The Warren & Brown range allows this function to be performed in one continuous motion, without having to stop and reprogram the wrench. LED lights and an audible warning sound notify the user when the correct settings have been reached.

Warren & Brown Precision Tools have a range of digital torque and angle torque wrenches and they are available according to the following specifications.

warren and brown digital torque angle wrench

Product options

378300 - 1/2" Digital Torque Angle Wrench

378338 - 3/8" Digital Torque Angle Wrench

378314 - 1/4" Digital Torque Angle Wrench


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