How to remove damaged, rusted or stuck screws

How to remove damaged, rusted or stuck screws.

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A frustration faced by most tradespeople and handymen at one point or another is the problem of removing screws that become stuck, rusted or frozen in place. Accidental damage of a screw head can happen all too easily, and existing wear and tear on the screw head also contributes to screws getting stuck, making it an annoying and seemingly impossible task to remove with a screwdriver.

How can this problem be solved?

Warren & Brown Precision Tools have solutions for removing truss, round, pan head and flat head screws that just won’t seem to budge, without the headache or frustration.

How to remove stuck or damaged truss, round or pan head screws?

With a screwdriver not being able to properly grip onto the screw, many people will turn to the use of pliers or another tool to try and solve their problem.

An annoyance that can then arise, is that many pliers only have horizontally serrated teeth, which are usually ineffective for gripping the stuck screw. The pliers will continue to slip, without successfully loosening the screw.