Choosing a good all round soldering station

How to choose a good all round soldering station

When choosing the most appropriate soldering station for your needs, it is important to consider the following

1. Your needs (professional or hobby)

2. The power / wattage requirement

3. Ease of Use

4. Spare parts

In either of these cases, the Warren & Brown / Scope Soldering stations are an excellent choice for the professional, home handyman or hobbyist.

SSPSU scope soldering station

For instance, consider the following benefits that the Scope Soldering Stations offer

1. Buy as a kit or individual Power Supply unit and soldering irons. The PSU can be purchased separately, followed by each individual soldering item (SS and MS). Furthermore, they are also available as cost saving kits. The medium duty, 70 Watt, MSPSU kit, which contains power supply unit and soldering iron, as well as the SSPSU, 100 Watt kit, which contains the power supply unit and the SS soldering iron.

2. Choice of 70 Watt MS soldering iron for medium duty applications, or 100 Watt SS soldering iron for heavy duty applications. MEP - Metal Etching Pen can also be used with the Scope Power Supply Unit

3. Warren & Brown Scope Power supply units work any standard 240V outlet. The soldering irons simply connect to the power supply unit.

4. Fast heat up, easy to use soldering irons

5. The scope soldering stations and soldering irons have a large range of spare parts, including elements and replacement tips.

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